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Member Recognition Program

In order to award the hard work of key clubbers, there are certain rewards that are presented to those who fulfill specific requirements. There are different levels to these awards and they are collectively a part of the Member Recognition Program or the MRP for short. 






Going from left to right, the awards—Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum— become increasingly more difficult to achieve. There are requirements that are instantiated by Key Club International and in order to even receive silver, it requires a substantial amount of effort and time to achieve. Shown on the right is a table of all the requirements. To be able to get a more substantive understanding, click Read More.

Each member is required to be dues paid to be eligible for this program and every month, a form will be sent out to every member to record the events they attended. Records will be compared and entered into the Member Recognition Form by the Secretary. To view your own progress, click the the hourglass below. Keep in mind that this may have discrepancies.

MRP Cycle

There is a cycle for each year, so tick tock.


P.S. Being on the MRF requires you to be registered as a member already.