Good communication is the difference between confusion and clarity.

Nat Turner

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MoHi Officers and Advisors

Meet the Team

Every officer is a key clubber who is climbing the bamboo stick of service!


Kyle Zheng


Kyle, the President, delegates tasks to the other officers and deals with Key Club formalities.


Richard Zheng

Vice President

A jack of all trades, Richard the Vice President is the WD-40 of MoHi KC, making up deficiencies.


Melissa Barajas


Melissa, the Treasurer, is in charge of the finances and tracks the members and their dues. 


Mohamed Abdullah


Muhammad Abdullah is the Secretary and not only takes minutes, but also manages the Monthly Report Form.


Yaparita Eliyah

News Editor

Yaparita is the News Editor, the one who accrues Articles and Visuals and creates Newsletters.

Josefina Fierros


Josefina is the photographer that takes, but now screenshots, events and collects visuals.

Angela Cantoran

Communications Manager

Angela is the communications manager in charge of the advertisements and Instagram. 

Brian Heese

Faculty Advisor

Mr.Heese is a physics teacher extraordinaire with the force of a religion after him, Heeseanity. 

Jan Jaeger

Kiwanis Advisor

Jan Jaeger is our very own Kiwanian who enables and empowers every clubber. 

Haiying Zeng


Haiying is the webmaster that is in charge of updating and keeping this bee-zy website up to date!