Key Club

Structure and Hierarchy

MoHi Key Club is a chartered club at Modesto High School in Modesto, California. Panther Key Clubbers are fiercely serving our community everyday in any way that we can and are having weekly meetings on Mondays to brief our members on even more ways that they can participate in Key Club activities.
MoHi Key Club
Club Level
The Red Pandas of Division 46 North are climbing the bamboo stick of service. D46N includes the following schools: Modesto Key Club | Gregori Key Club | Vanguard Key Club | Grace Davis Key Club | Beyer Key Club | Peter Johansen Key Club | Oakdale Key Club | Thomas Downey Key Club | Valley Charter Key Club | Enochs Key Club | Vanguard College Preparatory Academy Key Club.
Division 46 North (D46N)
Division Level
Region 12 is a part of Key Club International and one of many regions under the CNH District. There are a total of 4 divisions within Region 12. They include: Division 46 North, Division 46 South, Division 5 North, Division 5 South. Each division contains multiple schools within them as well.
Region 12
Regional Level
The District of California, Nevada, and Hawaii is the biggest district in all of Key Club International and has a total of 75 different divisions. The CNH mascot is the bee and they are always bee-sy serving their communities. With nearly 45,500 members, it is clear that landmass is not the only impressive number that this district has to boast. In fact, Key Club was founded in Sacramento, California in 1925 and they have remained a powerful force in Key Club International ever since.
California, nevada, Hawaii (CNH) District
District Level
"Key Club International is an international, student-led organization that provides members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership." Stretching across the the globe, Key Club International has thousands of clubs in over 38 countries. In Key Club, students perform acts of community service and organize events to contribute to society. KCI Preferred Charities include the Children's Miracle Network, Unicef, and March of Dimes, working together with these organizations to build a better tomorrow. 
Key club international
International Level

Awards of the Club

Club of the Year 2019-2020

Most Improved Club 2018-2019