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Hey Key Clubbers! If you have not heard yet, the Pediatric Trauma Program is the major focus of the CNH district. Through this charity, the CNH Key Family attempts to help solve this issue through the funding of partner hospitals and providing equipment and education. 

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Well, the correct answer is everybody, or at least it should be everyone. Children are the future of the country and of the world. To be able to save even one life is a success and the Key family has done far more than that. 

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President's Welcome

Dear Red Pandas,

Hey Key Clubbers! Welcome to the Modesto High School Key Club Website! I am so happy to serve as the Modesto High School Key Club President for the term of 2020-2021. As one of the oldest schools in this area, we have a fairly extensive history with Key club that stretches back a few generations. 

I myself have been in Key Club for a grand total of 3 years at this point and I can tell you that the events that are hosted and the friends that you will make will make this experience incredibly fun for you. You get to join the biggest, student-led service organization in the world, connect with your community, raise money for charitable causes, and help to make the world a better place. 

Humans are creatures of meaning and the purpose that many find in their lives is through the bearing of a load and the taking of responsibility! It is actually one of the core reasons that some people have children. 

As members of society, we have an obligation to contribute to it and make it better in any shape or form that we can possibly think of. I hope that Key Club will help all of you to build your discipline, be an interesting and fun activity to you all, and most of all, help in the fleeting pursuit of the meaning and deepening of your existence.

Sincerely, In Service

P.S. I am the one wearing a white hoodie…

Kyle Zheng

MoHi Key Club | Division 46 North (D46N)

Region 12 | California Nevada Hawaii (CNH) District

Key Club International